Return Home to Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, December 21st at 2:30pm EST | 7:30pm GMT

A Winter Solstice Intimate Gathering with A'sha Love

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Take time for YOU this holiday season. Join A'sha Love (and a small group of heart-centered explorers) on a powerful, yet gentle, journey inward to reclaim the Home of Heaven within.

Welcome to a deeply transformative experience (in virtual retreat form) that will reconnect you with the Heart of your Multidimensional Self, a vast field of Love & Wisdom you forgot you were.

This online retreat offers you the opportunity to attune deeper than ever within yourself for the healing your Greater Self is ready to gift you.
In this safe and loving container, you will release the remnants of your culturally- conditioned identity constructs and rediscover the magic of Heaven within!
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"There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. A'sha is a rare find. The real deal."

Our time together will also include messages from our Higher Self Collective, conversation and sharing with like-minded peers, and time to ask personal questions.


You won't be the same person! My own activated templates have a way of permanently clearing debris and awakening dormant aspects of your greater codex.


Spend 2.5-3 hours with A'sha in an interactive, experiential setting. Your time together will feature channeled messages, divine template activation, and multidimensional journeys to deeply heal and reclaim some of your most transcendent forgotten aspects. You'll also have time to ask questions and connect with new friends from all over the globe.


The virtual retreat begins at 2:30pm EST and concludes no later than 5:30pm EST. Check your time zone here.  An event recording will be sent out afterward. This is a smaller group retreat with limited space, so if you plan to participate, be sure to register soon!

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email (if you don't see it within an hour, please contact us). The email includes instructions about how to prepare for the event and what supplies you will need. Due to the activating nature of this event, a follow up 45-minute private session with A'sha is being made available, for purchase in combination with the retreat. You will be invited to book that in later January/early February 2022.


A'sha Love is the Founder of Multidimensional U. She has been facilitating life-changing metaphysical coaching programs since 2015, after following the inner prompts of her own Higher Calling.


She is passionate about realizing human evolution by helping people reconnect to the Source that they are.

Registration Closed
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Questions about the event? Don't hesitate to email Sarah at All sales final and non-transferable. To ensure a safe environment for participants, disruptive or combative behavior will result in swift removal from the retreat (without refund). New to Multidimensional U? Find out more about A'sha here.
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"The individual seeking access to A'sha is really seeking access to lost, hidden, submerged aspects of themselves. You call these soul fragments. We call them the soul's hidden agenda, an interesting game of hide and seek. The people involved in this game are powerful beings with important missions, seeking clarity and activation at this pivotal time in the evolution of the human race. They are searching for this greater something within themselves. A'sha has the ability to hand them the keys.


She is a catalyst, an activator and an incredible champion for this fleet of brilliant souls. Her field unlocks, unzips, their own higher dimensional codes. Then, there is clarity of purpose and a truer sense of direction, free from the distractions and distortions of duality. There is ONEness, a sense of coming home and feeling whole once again. The multidimensional codex activated is true liberation. The masters are waking up, ready to play a new game. This is why they seek her company and counsel. To remember themselves".

There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. A'sha is a rare find. The real deal.

When I read the invite I knew I had to go. There was a very strong and immediate response to the invitation. I could feel that things were shifting in a big way for me and there was a knowing that this experience would be part of the shifts. I also knew I had work to do in that location at the particular time.

All of the accommodations and logistical details were wonderful and supportive. A'sha is a highly skilled facilitator and holds a container for transformative work beautifully and powerfully. The information she brought through was enlightening and felt spot on. I felt held and supportive every moment I was there.

I have a much clearer and larger understanding of who I am and how I can serve humanity and the planet at this time. This has continued to evolve and expand since my time in France. The work I do with clients is clearer and more powerful. My vision is farther reaching and channels have cleared and opened. Much more is available to me that I only imagined.

To anyone who feels the pull and wants to step more fully into their multi-dimensional self go for it. And… A'sha is just plain a lot of fun!