This Is How Advanced Civilizations Thrive 🌐

In this week's video, I share the importance of claiming a higher communion with yourself as part of the All That Is. In this space, you can collapse all of the contracted identity states that keep creating the same version of reality.

For those of us who seek true and lasting freedom, we have to tap inner states that allow us an expansive access to so much more of who we are that is undefined.

"The free will of humanity is asking to be invited magnetically into the next octave of its expression, which is not bloodshed and revolution that requires human sacrifice. What is being called forward is freedom, based in one's own will, to create the reality that aligns with their innate divine value."

I also revisit the conversation I had with Nikola Tesla in 2018 about the advanced technology of creation used by our advanced galactic neighbors. 💗

In Unity 🌐

Aja Love

P.S. Would you like help moving out of programmed will (us/them and victim) into the powerful expression of your true free will? Check out my the Awakening Track of The Emergence Experience. ✨

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